Welcome to WineConversation.com Unfiltered, a space dedicated to airing the views of key players in the wine trade, unfiltered.

The goal is to publish a variety of points of view from industry leaders and other influencers, including from our readers, and remove ourselves from the discussion to allow views to come across ‘Unfiltered’. We aim to get responses to all sides of the issues facing the wine industry today, topics that often get dominated by a limited number of voices, or maybe get lost in private forums, disappear from social media timelines or simply become buried in journals.

We took the opportunity of speaking to an incredible range of people at the recent 2012 London Wine Trade Fair at ExCeL to record our first series of interviews on a range of topical issues such as Sustainability, Organic Wine, The Future of Wine Writing, Packaging Innovation and Natural Wines.

Each video is meant to be brief and easy to view wherever you may be – at the office, commuting, travelling or at home.

If you would like to take part and have a point to make, we’d love to hear from you.

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