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Artisan Wines

Just a quick post on a more positive topic.

Although I will not be posting tasting notes here I thought I would congratulate Artisan Wines for a small selection I bought from them recently.

Although they seem to be a small operation they have done everything right to get me to join their list and buy interesting wines from them.

As well as offering some mixed cases so I can get to know their wines, they were well packaged, they kept me informed of how my order was progressing, and when they arrived they came with notes on the wines and the producers. Everything I need to get to know about my wines.

It is also everything I need to talk to others about the wines!

All that is missing now is an opportunity to build a conversation with them and others who have bought, and enjoyed, these wines. Very Web 2.0 of me, I know.

More people and wines like this please!