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The price of success – $3.99 a month

Interesting development to happen straight after my last post:

A special announcement from Vinography

Seems like I am in good company in reading Vinography, but I don’t think I shall be parting with the money. Sorry!

[EDIT: of course, it could all be a big April Fools joke – the timing is suspect and of course designed to get tongues wagging, but it would seem unusual to quote WS like this?! Does it make it more or less likely to be a fake since it is pretty much what Neal Martin did with erobertparker.com?]

[CONFESSION: If it is a joke, that’s twice I’ve fallen for one today! Doh!]

[FINAL EDIT: I suppose I could claim extenuating circumstances: wine with dinner, the fact that here it is after midnight, so technically no longer April Fools, … but the truth is, I fell for it. At least I know that Spaghetti doesn’t grow on trees]