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First post of 2008

The first post after a break in blogging is always a pressured one –
must entertain!
must re-engage!!
must be good!!!

Well, to take away that pressure I’ll simply post to wish everyone who is still hanging in there with me a Happy 2008. There are many doom-mongers out there, dragging us down about the prospects for the year ahead, but I am hopeful that they will be wrong.

I remember a little (just a little) of an undergraduate Psychology course I took which covered Behaviourism. One of the few things I (vaguely and possibly incorrectly) recollect is the idea that conscious “decisions” sometimes follow behaviour rather than the other way around.

“Do I feel happy? Well, I’m smiling, so I guess I must be!”

If I’m correct, and I will go away now and try and read up on it, it has implications relating not only for wine, but for our daily lives, including the economy. After all, if we all believe it is going to be a bad year, then by deciding in advance that we will cut back on things, we will be ensuring it is for us and for others.

So, think positive, smile, convince yourself the prospects are good, open a nice bottle of wine, and welcome the year to come.