Vintage time

Vintage is a great time, … for spectators.

I am not exactly getting my hands dirty (although I can claim to have picked ‘some’ grapes this year at least), but my day job has certainly kept me busy recently.

The great news is that it has taken me to the vineyards regularly throughout the last few weeks as this is when the ‘real’ business happens – grapes are picked, wine is fermented, winemakers are sweating and shouting, and the vineyards themselves look fabulous.

It has made me realise quite how fraught a business it is, with the stress of the entire year’s work, and the next year’s revenue, resting on the result of these few weeks. However, I wouldn’t have missed it.

It has meant that more philosophical meditations on wine & the culture of wine, beyond “which of those bottles I drank last night was responsible for the way I feel this morning?” (probably the last one), have been beyond me. However, things will start to settle down in a week or two when I plan on re-attacking my preferred subjects with renewed gusto having made some interesting discoveries, and new friends, over these weeks.

A presto!